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How Fan-Made Content Can Do Wonders for Your Business

User-generated Content (UGC) is the simple process of repurposing customer content for your needs. By directing involving them in your campaign, your customers may become advocates for your brand.

UGC posts shared to social channels typically see a higher 28% engagement rate compared to standard branded posts. Fans enjoy seeing their content adopted by brands and often share, retweet or repost this experience.

This provides genuine, organic reach and builds customer-brand relationships that money can’t buy.

The E1MA team were heavily involved in the creation of Oliver Heldens’ official music video for ‘What The Funk’. 

Hundreds of fans from across the world submitted homemade clips of them singing and dancing to the song’s lyrics. 

The resulting video achieved an amazing 2,000,000 views and nearly 2,000 comments on YouTube alone. This is without including all the social media engagement leading up to the video’s creation and after its release.

User-generated content can be a fast, fun affordable way to produce phenomenal results for your brand.

Competitions – A Winning Ticket for You and Your Fans

Competitions are an excellent, cost-effective way of engaging your audience. A simple ‘share-to-win’ contest can drive traffic to your social media platforms, increase brand awareness and encourage sales.

For We Are FSTVL, we live-streamed a countdown contest on Facebook. To win, fans simply had to ‘guess the artist’ depicted in the photo. 

This generated 20,000 views and 700 comments in just 30 minutes. Our chatbot automatically followed up each response in Facebook Messenger, and we were subsequently able to remarket to those fans.

You can read more about our work with chatbots here.

We’ve since ran a number of competitions for our clients – each one increasing the potential audience we can engage with for future campaigns.

How to Train your Chatbot

Chatbots are software applications that mimic human conversation. Think of them as a virtual companion that can be integrated within your website, mobile apps, or instant messengers such as Slack, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. 

The most advanced chatbots can handle and understand complicated customer requests and personalise their responses accordingly.

We incorporated a Facebook Messenger bot into our marketing work for Noisily Festival – with excellent results.

For example, a welcome message had an incredible 99.5% open rate and a click-through rate of 46% – encouraging potential attendees to explore the website and find out more about the festival.

Chat Bot GIF Noisily

Not only can chatbots perform actions like these, but they are available to help 24/7, can be cost-effective, and have the potential to attract new customers.

Chatbots are expected to save businesses over £6.5 billion globally by 2022. Will yours be one of them?

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