Our Creative Work

‘A picture can speak a thousand words’ and this holds true for marketing. Scroll-stopping, head-turning content is essential to success in 2021. An attention-grabbing mailer or billboard can be the difference between interest and conversions.  That’s why we’ve upped our creative capabilities, from strategy to execution. Our new graphic designers, Matt and Meera, have busy creating […]

E1MA: Desert Island Discs

The E1MA team has been stranded on a desert island. Which items can they simply not live without? How will they keep themselves entertained? Let’s find out. Ben – Digital Marketing Executive Album: Chinoiseries (Pt.1 – 3) by Onra I already spend most of my work days listening to this collection of obscure, eastern-inspired hip-hop […]

How Apple iOS14 Will Impact Advertising Results

Apple’s iOS14 will shake-up digital advertising as we know it. This is how it will impact your results. What is the iOS14 update and why should I care? Phone updates typically consist of bug fixes and smaller tweaks, but not this one. iOS14 could signal the start of a complete transformation in advertising, and its […]

Lockdown Trends: What Will Stay and What Will Go?

It’s been a long road. Over 12 months we’ve seen daily life change irrevocably. Remote working has become the standard. We’re either shopping ultra-locally or having products delivered from the vast expanses of the internet. Zoom calls with friends & family have replaced jaunts to the pub.  But how many of these trends will last? […]

Job Opening: Junior Graphic Designer

JUNIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER – FULL TIME E1 Media Agency is looking for a creative, talented, innovative, enthusiastic candidate. The applicant should be keen to develop their career in design, with attention to detail, a willingness to get stuck-in and have initiative.   E1MA started life as an agency focused on music. We have since evolved […]

How to Sell More Tickets to Your Event (Part. 2)

In Part 2 we outline how to use Paid Social to help you sell more tickets to your event. (3 min read) • Know your audience inside and out • Choose the right objective • Good creative draws attention • Compelling copy drives clicks • Monitor and tweak the campaign if necessary 1. Know your […]

How to Sell More Tickets to Your Event (Part. 1)

In Part 1 we outline how organic (non-paid) social media help you sell more tickets. 1. Post consistently on social media to build brand awareness 2. Mix up your content strategy to keep people interested 3. Curate your Instagram feed to make the event look unmissable 4. Run competitions to greatly improve your organic reach […]

How the Instagram Algorithm Works in 2021

Make sure your posts are appearing first in your fans’ feeds with these top tips for beating the Instagram algorithm. Social Media Algorithms in 2021 Social media algorithms can make or break a businesses’ organic social activity. A few years back they introduced it as a replacement for the classic chronological feed. Instead of seeing […]

Getting the Most Out of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is just as effective now as it was before the rise of social media. We explain why, and share our tips for making the most of this crucial channel. Email marketing in 2021 Email marketing isn’t dead. Some people see email as an archaic marketing channel that can’t produce results in a world […]

Is This the Future of Twitter?

The home of the 280-character tweet wants to pivot into something greater. We take a look at the developments that could shake up how we communicate on Twitter. Communities This first new development essentially encapsulates where Twitter sees the future of its platform. Communities, both in a figurative and literal sense, will play a big […]

It’s Time to Get Back on Track

Now’s the time to start mapping out a plan to re-engage with your audience and get your business moving again. Over the last year, we’ve expanded our capabilities in all areas of digital marketing. From insight & analysis to e-commerce and media buying, we’re committed to providing excellent value to clients during these turbulent times. […]

15 Digital Marketing Websites You Should Be Following Right Now

We’ve scoured the internet for the very best social media & digital marketing resources so you don’t have to. We share our favourite websites, podcasts newsletters and other hidden gems that will keep you at the cutting-edge of the industry. Avocado Social Media Club “A friendly community for those looking to improve their social media […]

When and How Could Live Events Return?

It’s a question on a lot of people’s minds – In what capacity could live events return in 2021? We break down the latest industry updates and discuss what’s next. What’s Changed Since Last Summer? Quite a lot. We last assessed the situation in August, with ‘What’s Next For Music Venues?’. This was a cautiously […]

Why You Should Build An Online Community

Here’s why building a community around your brand will be crucial for success in 2021. Communities in 2021 The power of community has gone from strength to strength throughout the pandemic. Support for local businesses has increased, and groups such as Scrub Hub have been making a meaningful impact on society. But communities don’t have […]

What’s New in Social Media? (January)

It may only be January, but we’ve already had a host of key developments in the world of social media marketing. Here’s what you need to know. 1. Introducing Clubhouse, the New Invite-Only Social Media Platform Although the app has been out for a few months, widespread media coverage has seen it grow in momentum. […]

E1MA’s Awareness Day Calendar 2021

Awareness Days can be extremely useful for your business if you’re ever stuck for ideas on what to post. They are designed to draw attention to a cultural or social cause, but can also just be fun. We’ve rounded up some key awareness days that you can align your business with in the calendar below. Click […]

Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021

2020 was a tough year and has had a profound impact on the way we communicate with brands, customers and each other. Here’s what will continue into 2021 and beyond. E-Commerce & Social Commerce COVID-19 restrictions and the subsequent mass closure of brick-and-mortar retailers drove shoppers online in 2020. Of course, this isn’t a new […]

5 Must-Read Pieces from our Blog in 2020

We take a tour through our back catalogue to bring you the unmissable blog pieces from 2020. Over the past year we’ve covered topics spanning the breadth of Digital Marketing, from consumer behaviour trends to Covid-19 communications advice. Here are 5 articles that are worth reading again and again. Has the Pandemic Changed Shopping Behaviour […]

Our Top Tips For Working From Home

Remote working isn’t going anywhere. Despite the promising news of a vaccine, it’s likely we’ll see a combination of office and home working become the norm.  The E1MA team share their top tips improve your productivity, health and wellbeing whilst working from home. Maintain a morning routine It can be tempting to hit snooze on […]

E1MA’s Favourite Xmas Ads of 2020

It’s that time of year again! The E1MA team share their favourite Christmas ads of the year. We all know this has been a year like no other, and this has certainly been reflecting in the team’s picks. Nick – Joules & The Woodland Trust Joules’ ad this year is a nice departure from the […]

What’s New in Social Media? (November)

Every month we present the biggest new developments in the world of social media so you can stay the cutting-edge of the industry. 1. Twitter Launches ‘Fleets’ 2020 has undoubtedly been the year of stories. It was only a matter of time until Twitter joined Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest in having their own version […]

Black Friday: How To Cut Through The Noise

The biggest shopping day of the year is going to look a lot different in 2020. We explore how businesses can grab the attention of customers and stand out from the crowd on Black Friday. Black Friday in 2020 Black Friday is on the 27th November 2020. Traditionally a US custom that takes place after […]

Live-Streaming Is Back – Here’s What You Need to Know

Live-streaming will play an important role this winter. We look at what’s changed since the 1st lockdown and how businesses, musicians and creators can make the most of it. The State of Live-Streaming It’s fair to say live-streaming exploded in popularity during the 1st national lockdown. With venues unable to open their doors and consumers […]

5 Top Tips For Marketing on LinkedIn

The world’s largest professional network has serious marketing potential if you know how to use it. We take a look at how LinkedIn differs from other social media platforms, and how to harness its power. What is LinkedIn? In short, LinkedIn is a social networking platform that centers around employment. It presents itself as the […]

What’s New in Digital Marketing?

We bring you October’s latest developments in the world of social media and digital marketing so you can stay at the cutting-edge of the industry. 1. Cultural Recovery Fund Cultural institutions across the UK have been celebrating their awards on social media. Over £1.57 billion is being provided to venues, festivals, museums and more through […]

E1MA’s Working From Home Playlist #2

Bored of listening to the same 10 songs on repeat? The E1MA team have created a brand-new playlist to keep you focused at home. We’ll be updating it regularly, so be sure to save it! P.S. If you’re in need of something to read, why don’t you check out our journal?

Cultural Recovery Fund: What Are You Doing Next?

The other day, cultural organisations across the UK received generous grants as part of the £1.57 billion Cultural Recovery Fund. If you were one of the fortunate venues, festivals and more that secured funding, you’ll have a detailed roadmap of what to do next. Whilst the core operational aspects of your business should be prioritised, […]

Why Are ‘Stories’ So Popular?

The short, snappy format continues to dominate the social media landscape. But how did this happen, and why are stories more popular than ever? Stories in 2020 ‘Stories’ have become synonymous with social media – it’s hard to separate the two. The short-form, vertical format entered the mainstream in 2011 with the launch of Snapchat. […]

What’s New in Social Media?

We bring you some of the most important new developments in the world of social media and digital marketing so you can stay the cutting-edge of the industry. 1. Facebook Removes 20% Text Rule in Ad Images Anyone that’s ever used paid social will know how much of a big deal this is. Facebook is […]

Why Green Marketing Is More Important Than Ever

In 2020, consumers expect the businesses they deal with to make a positive impact on both society and the environment. The ongoing pandemic has primarily shifted public attention towards our own health & wellbeing, including the environment we live in. What should brands do about this? The answer is green marketing. What is Green Marketing? […]

Should You Be Using Hashtags in 2020?

Hashtags took the world by storm in the early days of social media. They offered a simple yet effective way of joining on global conversations about a specific topic. But do they actually need to be a part of your social media marketing strategy in 2020? Background The #hashtag was initially popularised by Twitter in […]

Is Instagram Reels Here to Stay?

Following its launch on 5th August, Instagram Reels looks to emulate the success of IG Stories. But what is this new content format, and does it have the potential to be more than a passing trend? What is Instagram Reels? Instagram Reels is a new way to create 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects and […]

What’s Next for Music Venues?

We have reached a point in the pandemic where most non-essential businesses have resumed operations. Shops, bars and restaurants are all welcoming customers once again – but what about nightclubs and live music venues? It’s a question on many people’s minds, including our own. Here, we look at the latest government information and make some […]

Back to Business

Throughout the pandemic the E1MA team have been busy helping our clients adapt to an ever-changing landscape. Now as restrictions continue to ease, we’re doing everything we can to ensure our clients get off a flying start as their doors re-open. Here’s what we’ve been working on: Greenwich Comedy Festival London’s leading comedy festival, Greenwich […]

How Sentiment Analysis Can Help You Understand Your Audience

How well do you know your brand’s audience? You might know some basic demographic information, such as their age-range, geographic location, or loosely-defined ‘interests’. But do you know how they feel, particularly regarding your brand? Sentiment analysis can find out the answers.   What is Sentiment Analysis? Don’t let the technical-sounding name deter you, Sentiment Analysis […]

Has the Pandemic Changed Shopping Behaviour for Good?

The UK is returning to a resemblance of ‘normal life’, signalled by the widespread relaxation of social distancing rules. As our economy re-opens and shops throw open their doors, we felt it an excellent time to think about consumer shopping behaviour. An event as impactful as a pandemic will no doubt have a lasting impact […]

Has Your Festival Been Targeted By This New FB Scam?

In recent weeks we have seen a number of festivals targeted by a number of sophisticated Facebook phishing scams. We’ve documented how this has impacted Noisily Festival, to bring more attention to this industry-wide issue. What Have the Scammers Been Doing? Producing dozens of fake Noisily Facebook pages and events in an attempt impersonate the […]

E1MA’s Digital Billboard Concept

We’re proud to present our entry into Ocean’s Crucial Creative Competition – ‘Stay Apart, Game Together’.  Held by Ocean Outdoor, a pioneer in Digital Out-Of-Home advertising, this competition offers a generous £1 million worth of advertising space to help galvanise advertisers & agencies into action as lockdown eases. “Now, more than ever, Ocean is inviting […]

Getting Your Business Ready for the 4th July

The UK continues to emerge from its hibernation, signalled by the Government’s announcement to allow more non-essential businesses to resume trading on Saturday, 4th July. A lot has changed since our previous blog piece on re-opening businesses. Here, we supply you with all the latest government information and advice on getting your business off to […]

How We’re Stepping Up Our E-Commerce Game

E-commerce has grown exponentially over the last few months. As the lockdown forced businesses to close their doors, consumers shifted their shopping habits online. The UK has started the cautious re-opening of our economy, as non-essential shops once again open for business. But the pandemic has fundamentally transformed consumer behaviour. 2 in 5 UK shoppers […]

E1MA’s Favourite Instagram Accounts

We love Instagram here at E1 Media Agency. As we discussed in a previous blog piece, we know what it takes to create a stunning feed that attracts followers. When we’re not curating our client’s accounts, we’re admiring the work of others.  This week, the E1MA team choose their favourite Instagram accounts, based on both […]

This New Facebook & Instagram Feature Can Boost Your Sales

The retail industry has suffered many blows over recent years, but no one has felt this more than independent shops. Online shopping has seen a massive increase in popularity of late, as lockdown measures continue to restrict the opening of non-essential stores. Mark Zuckerberg recently announced new features that will help small businesses sell their […]

Key Considerations Before Re-opening Your Business

As we cautiously take our first steps out of lockdown, many businesses will be keen to resume trading. Those in the hospitality sector, who’ve had their revenues entirely slashed, will want to open as soon as possible. Here we explore the challenges your business faces, and how to adapt accordingly. 1. Plan Carefully The PM […]

5 Great Facebook Communities and Why Your Brand Needs One

Facebook has been encouraging users to join ‘meaningful groups’ in recent years, and the power of community has been illustrated throughout the pandemic. In fact, over 400 million people are in one Facebook community or another. From a brand’s perspective, these groups gather all your most dedicated fans in one convenient place.  As we covered […]

Will This New Facebook Feature Transform Live-Streaming?

Last week, an official Facebook press release announced new live-streaming features. These include the ability to add ‘donate’ buttons, watch Instagram live-streams on desktop and an ‘audio-only’ viewing option for slow internet connections. Most importantly, “to support creators and small businesses, we plan to add the ability for Pages to charge for access to events […]

We Need Your Help

The ongoing pandemic has been detrimental to the live events scene we hold so dear here at E1 Media Agency. We’re witnessing first-hand the challenges our clients are facing. Parable, Phase Croydon, Electric Brixton and countless more have had to pause their operations almost overnight. It’s particularly difficult for independent festivals, with big and small […]

How To Make Your Zoom Video Calls More Exciting

If you haven’t heard the news – Zoom now allows you to set videos as your virtual background. We’re a creative bunch at E1MA, so we made sure to take full advantage: Nick Joey Ben George Joel Maha Interested in making your own? Check out Zoom’s guide here.

E1MA’s ‘Working From Home’ Playlist

Music is in our DNA here at E1MA, and so we’ve curated a Spotify playlist that is perfect for working or relaxing at home:

5 Brands Positively Adapting Their Messaging #2

The ongoing pandemic is bringing the best out of people, as we adapt to a new way of life.  Brands are no different, adapting their social media communications and spreading positivity however they can. Here are some that grabbed our attention. The Athenian The restaurant sector has been hit particularly hard by the lockdown. That […]

5 Live-streams Raising Money For Good Causes

There has never been a more important time for the world to come together in the face of this pandemic.  While a multitude of live-streamers are keeping us entertained, some are going that one step further – hosting charitable live-streams and raising awareness for important causes.  Here are some that have caught our eye recently. […]

5 Brands Positively Adapting Their Messaging Right Now

From large multinationals to small independent retailers, brands impacted by COVID-19 are adapting in a fun, novel or entertaining manner. Here are some of our top picks. The Hummingbird Bakery London-based dessert chain The Humming Bakery are encouraging their fans to bake for themselves while in self-isolation by sharing their own secret recipes. Recipes from […]

What We’ve Been Doing For Our Clients This Week

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many businesses’ operations. We’ve been assisting on planning, creation and execution of digital content for our clients to help them through these unprecedented times. Here’s a taster of what we’ve been up to. We Are FSTVL We Are FSTVL, like much of the events industry, have been forced to rapidly […]

Our Guide to Live-Streaming from Home

With most people being stuck indoors for the foreseeable future, now is a great time for you or your business to get into live-streaming. Here’s what you need to consider (5 min read) • Announce your live-stream in advance to build anticipation • Excellent live-streams can be made with just a phone, tripod and microphone […]

Our Tips for Working From Home

The ongoing crisis is forcing many businesses to work from home, including our own. We share some of our top tips: 1. Pretend you are still going into the office This might sound like a strange idea, but the mental association you make between ‘working’ and the office is powerful. Wake up at the same […]

Our Covid-19 Communications Advice

Every single one of our clients is being affected by the Covid-19 outbreak in some way or another. We specialise in supporting festivals, venues and artists on their digital marketing activity, and we are sharing our clients’ pain, worry and shock at how the events economy as a whole is being affected by the outbreak. […]

Content Production at Events: An E1MA guide

From expansive festivals to intimate nightclubs, we’ve been working with our clients to produce content on-site for a few years. (5 min read) Here are a few things to consider before, during and after: Live-streaming remains a good platform for organic reach Immerse yourself into events to gather authentic content User-generated content can generate tons […]

2019 Election Campaign Support

In December we were asked by Topham Guerin (TG) to assist with The Conservatives’ election campaign. Based in New Zealand, TG delivers world-leading advisory and digital services. We had been assisting them with some of their UK activity earlier in the year  – supporting with live streaming for the leadership hustings.  When the election came […]

E1MA’s Top 5 Tips for Marketing Venues

Promoting your venue can be tricky, but it doesn’t need to be. E1MA has a long background in delivering a full range of digital strategy and marketing activity for venues. Past and present venue clients include Electric Brixton, Phase, E1, Prince of Wales, Platform, SWX Bristol and more… Here are our top tips to successful […]

E1MA’s Favourite Albums of 2019

It’s been another amazing year of music, the E1MA team have chosen the albums they’ve loved the most. George – Melt Away by Jadu Heart So I had a think, and it was a hard decision as a lot of new music to wrap my ears around this year – but I keep coming back […]

E1MA’s Favourite Christmas Adverts

December is finally here and E1MA team have picked their favourite Christmas ads from recent years: George – Digital Account Manager So I’ve gone with the somewhat controversial Sainsbury’s 2014 100 year anniversary of WW1 ad; I think it resonated with me because of the historical nature of the ad – it’s based on real […]

What Are eSports and Why Should Brands Care?

With nearly 557 million viewers predicted by 2021, it’s time to start taking eSports seriously. What are eSports? An ‘eSport’ is not you playing 8-ball pool on your smartphone during your morning commute. eSports (electronic sports) is competitive video gaming at a professional level. I’m sure you heard the story of a 16-year-old US teenager […]

How Audio Advertising Is Being Reborn in the Digital Era

2019 marks the 100th anniversary of audio advertising.  Businesses have been using radio to advertise for over a century, but the rise of digital media is bringing a whole new meaning to the term ‘audio advertising’.  Introducing: Digital audio advertising. So, what is digital audio advertising? More than just ‘radio advertising but online’. Although 88% […]

What We Learned At MAD//Fest 2019

Some of the E1MA team attended MAD//Fest on the 13th & 14th November. Here’s some of our favourite insights and stories: Influencer – “Micro vs. Macro: Understanding Scale in Influencer Marketing” Influencer co-founders Caspar Lee (of YouTube fame) and Ben Jeffries delivered an excellent discussion on Influencer Marketing: Use a combination of Macro (10,000+ followers) […]

How Awareness Days Can Be Your Content Lifeline

We are now in the awkward period where it is too late to post about Halloween but too soon to post about Christmas. Awareness Days can be extremely useful for your business if you’re ever stuck for ideas on what to post.  They are designed to draw attention to a cultural or social cause. These […]

What’s in a Community?

In social media terms, a community is a place where like-minded people can share and express their opinions around a common interest. With a staggering 620 million groups, Facebook is by far the most popular platform for online communities. These groups often have far higher levels of engagement than the average social media post. They […]

How Fan-Made Content Can Do Wonders for Your Business

User-generated Content (UGC) is the simple process of repurposing customer content for your needs. By directing involving them in your campaign, your customers may become advocates for your brand. UGC posts shared to social channels typically see a higher 28% engagement rate compared to standard branded posts. Fans enjoy seeing their content adopted by brands […]

Competitions – A Winning Ticket for You and Your Fans

Competitions are an excellent, cost-effective way of engaging your audience. A simple ‘share-to-win’ contest can drive traffic to your social media platforms, increase brand awareness and encourage sales. For We Are FSTVL, we live-streamed a countdown contest on Facebook. To win, fans simply had to ‘guess the artist’ depicted in the photo.  This generated 20,000 […]

How to Train your Chatbot

Chatbots are software applications that mimic human conversation. Think of them as a virtual companion that can be integrated within your website, mobile apps, or instant messengers such as Slack, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.  The most advanced chatbots can handle and understand complicated customer requests and personalise their responses accordingly. We incorporated a Facebook Messenger […]

Stay Apart. Game Together.

“We’re looking to brands to promote a sense of well-being and positivity across the country, to give a shot in the arm to the general public as they begin to venture back out of home, making people feel good about themselves and, in turn your brand.” Proposed Idea: The electronic billboards are all connected together […]

Karma Kitchen Interview Series

Karma Kitchen are a family run set of commercial kitchens, co-working space and storage in Hackney – designed for people with food & drinks businesses. They build, equip and manage the spaces, so that their tenants have everything they need to run a successful catering business directly from their space. We were approached by them […]

Magdalena presents SHADOWS

The Hamburg native DJ Magdalena, one of the founding forces of Diynamic Music record label, Brings her Ibiza party brand ‘Shadows’ Global. This year Magdalena has made strides bringing Shadows International. First, it was a massive Tulum edition to close out Sonorous Festival, now we’re onto the next step, Mainland Europe. Shadows will be doing […]

Rave of Thrones

The Rave of Thrones team asked us to handle their social pages, event page and media spend for their upcoming immersive event at the renowned venue Electric Brixton. Winter is coming, and revellers can expect a faux banquet hall, white walkers, sword fights and even Hodor (Kristian Nairn) on the decks. Things kicked off to […]

We Are FSTVL 2019 Lineup Announcement

Yesterday we assisted We Are FSTVL with their first 2019 lineup phase announcement. We worked with the client to develop a live streamed countdown to the announcement on Facebook, and attached a Facebook Messenger bot to respond to competition entrants. Those entrants were then contacted about on-sales. We were incredibly pleased with the results across […]

Kojey Radical – European Tour Digital Marketing

We started working with Kojey to assist with his 2018 UK tour, primarily with localised ads through considered media buying in less developed regions. It’s exciting to work with an artist like Kojey because he really is an artist in every sense of the word. This makes our job easier as he loves to create […]

Maceo Plex & Mosaic

Maceo Plex’s events brand Mosaic brought us on board while we were still under the Listen Up umbrella over 2 years ago, but we’ve continued to assist on digital marketing for the brand since we moved over to our new home. We love working with the team, who consistently put on incredibly well produced and […]

Camden Oktoberfest

This year Camden Oktoberfest tasked E1MA with their digital marketing on the 3rd instalment of their annual event. For this year’s Oktoberfest they went for a 2-day event in a much larger venue, we were tasked with creating a media plan, handling all posts, ad spend resulting in two sold-out shows! The events themselves were […]

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